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Danielle Steel until the end of time

Bill is a dedicated young lawyer working in New York. He leaves everything he trained for to follow his dream to become a minister in rural Wyoming. Jenny, his fashion stylist wife, leaves the milieu and life she loves to join him. The certainty they share is that their destinies are linked forever.

Fast forward thirty-eight years. Robert is a hard-working independent book publisher in Manhattan, looking for one big hit novel to publish. Lillibet is a young Amish woman, living as though in the seventeenth century, caring for her widowed father and three young brothers on their family farm. In secret at night, by candlelight, she has written the novel that burns within her. When it falls into Robert’s hands, he falls in love first with the book, and then with the woman he has never met.

my review

A very good book that is a moving and thoughtful read. She leaves enough to ponder over. The book is full of the personal relationships and tragedies that are cleverly portrayed, sad but with a strong affection of everlasting divine contentment. Excellent plot strong character I was there with them one of my favourite book I just start to read Danielle books I find them so easy to read and I get hooked from the first few pages she a excellent author I had her three new hard back books for Xmas

Do you like her books ?

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Sarah Bennett summer kisses at mermaids point

As always love books by Sarah Bennett and this one is no exception, they are always so warmhearted and full of lovely characters.   Starting a new series we get the lovely beach setting, great characters, Laurie and Jake were perfect for each other,  and great dynamics of Laurie's family.   Looking forward to the rest of the series 
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hi all I started to do my review again how you all doing

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Christmas on the little cornish Isles

This is a thoroughly enjoyable romance Christmas read . Great setting, great characters, a well-written book, what more could you ask for. It had all the feels and I just wanted to keep reading it.

I loved the way the characters were introduced, how I really got to know them as the story developed. I got so involved in the characters lives that I really felt for them. All the ups and downs of their relationships, joys and upsets and I so was rooting for Maisie and Patrick. I loved them and all the inhabitants of Gull Island and it’s surrounding islands. The community spirit was really good and added to the whole feel of the book.

I loved this book I recommend to you all

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Peter rabbit

Beatrix Potter self-published the Tale of Peter Rabbit in 1901, funding the print run of 250 herself after being turned down by several commercial publishers. In 1902 the book was republished by Frederick Warne & Co after Potter agreed to redo her black-and-white illustrations in color. By the end of its first year in print, it was in so much demand it had to be reprinted six times.

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Mrs tiggy winkle

The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-winkle is an original classic by Beatrix Potter.
The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-winkle was first published in 1905, and is as charming today as it was then. It tells the tale of a hidden home high in the hills. It is discovered one day by a little girl called Lucie, who is in search of her missing pocket handkerchiefs. She knocks on the tiny door, and meets Mrs Tiggy-winkle who does all the washing and ironing for the neighbouring animals. Lucie spends a lovely day helping her, and it’s only right at the end of the day that she realises Mrs Tiggy-winkle is a hedgehog!
Beatrix Potter is regarded as one of the best authors today for children books
#beatixpotter #mrstiggywinkle #sundayblog #bookblogger #bookreviews

My favourite book
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Some amazing places

I loved it here when we when

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Beatrix potter

Beatrix Potter was born in London on July 28, 1866 and was actually christened Helen after her mother, but was known by her more unusual middle name: Beatrix.

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Bertix potter

Today Bertix potter day on my blog I loved her books as a kid did you

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The Night circus

The Night Circus
I adored this book wow . From the start it swept me into its magical world and kept me longing for more. It is beautifully written and constructed and full of surprises that kept me glued to the page. I did not want to put book down The various characters were fascinating and pulled me in to their world, like being invited to a party wonderful beyond imagining. The questions it throws up about love and trust make it more than simply a pretty, imaginative bauble.I find my self hook in the mood of the book I could see it so clear in my mind the scene I was there with them . I recommend you all read the start it a bit slow but you need to get the characters in your mind let you imagination run with the story as you read
I say read it before the film it should it next year I read i can not wait to see this
Anyone else read it ?

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How to bake the perfect pecan pie


A warm pie. A tasty guy. Happy Thanksgiving indeed.

Lauren Hauser is home for the holidays, and she’s been given a challenge: preparing her grandmother’s pecan pie. The problem…? Lauren’s not famed for her baking skills. In fact, while her sister would win Star Baker every week, and her mom at least knows a sieve from a spatula, Lauren’s bakes have always been more dangerous than delicious!

Still, no Thanksgiving would be complete without dessert…which is why Lauren finds herself searching for pecans on Thanksgiving Eve. Stumbling into a gorgeous stranger laden down with bags of pecans seems like a holiday miracle…but despite Jack’s kissable lips he’s frostier than a snow cone…and out of sight before she can say ‘Macy’s Parade’!

As the clock counts down to Thanksgiving dinner, Lauren is running out of time. And without her grandmother’s perfect pecan pie it won’t be a very Happy Thanksgiving! What Lauren needs is a knight in shining armour. And it might just be that the magic of Thanksgiving will find her one after all…

Home for the Holidays series of books

Book 1 – How to Bake the Perfect Pecan Pie

Book 2 – How to Bake the Perfect Christmas Cake

Book 3 – ?
As you can see this book is the first book in this Holiday series it so good you will just love it
Again i love the cover .I always find that Carina books cover instantly draw me to their books they are just so cute and colourful. I just love them all .
I pick this book to review today on my blog for thanksgiving as this book all about that . It a nice warm heart novella you will love the story .It got cooking , love , family fun , pecan pie and a nice man jack what more could you want .oh and lots of pecan or not !

Lauren not very good at cooking she could be a bit dangerous at times but she just made me smile at her cooking . This Thanksgiving she going to make her grandmother pecan pie she been given her family secret recipe her mum and sister do not know .what is this recipe ? it be a secret for years and she got to keep it that way . Can she make it omg you will laugh so much at her making this pie . She been told only to use Tibor’s pecan farm as they do the best pecan she got to get them . Can she do this ? We get to hear all about her trying to get the pecan and how she makes the pie .The book told from Lauren point of view which i liked she could be so funny at times .

All her family were just great characters so crazy and funny but they also seem to be bickering a lot to just like all family do but that just made them more real to me you could relate to them i enjoyed reading about them all they bring the plot to life for me such fun .

All they wanted for Lauren was her to be happy and have a man in her life could that be Jack she spend a day baking with him i not sure why ? They seem to work well together could this be the started of something good ? Did they make the perfect pecan pie ?

I enjoyed their relationship it was fun to read some parts were a little predictable but i still enjoy the plot it did not put me off i just wanted to read to see what was going to happen next with the pecan pie , jack and her family.

The big build to Thanksgiving is just like what we all do here in England for christmas day . We go mad i say each year i not doing .I still do ,i buy and make to much food. I bet you all do too but i love the build up i did in this story too it was so fun to read .

Did you think Jack was Lauren knight in shinning armour ?
It a very warm and light hearted read it got a lot of mishap which brought the fun to the story i just loved all the characters they were so fun and very much like a real family .
My only criticism was is to short i want to hear more but that what make it so good it a great fun read nice for this time of year
4 stars read enjoy pass on i recommend you all read you will enjoy it so much
I can not want for the next book .

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James patterson 1st to die

Ist to die by James patterson
The murder cases are all set in America and a group of young women from different public sector jobs get together and call themselves the murder club who try to solve the cases alongside the police investigation you will get to know the characters so well each has the own part in the plots I read up to book 18 I loved them I got 19 and 20 for Christmas

I LOVE this book! . just can’t put it down.This was the first book i read by him it just hooked since first lockdown March I read up to 19 and more of his books I like the short chapters that reel you in and compell you to read on. Hooked from the few first pages so many twists and turns I love then main character Lindsay she so strong the plot a little weak in this one but you get to know the girls how the work together ect
I recommend this book to you all
My dad reads them after me I hooked him as well into james patterson books
Who reads them in group ?

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My blog tour for
The forgotten gift by Kathleen McGurl
What would you do to protect the ones you love?

  1. George’s life changes forever the day he meets Lucy. She’s beautiful and charming, and he sees a future with her that his position as the second son in a wealthy family has never offered him. But when Lucy dies in a suspected poisoning days after rejecting George, he finds himself swept up into a murder investigation. George loved Lucy; he would never have harmed her. So who did?

Now. On the surface Cassie is happy with her life: a secure job, good friends, and a loving family. When a mysterious gift in a long-forgotten will leads her to a dark secret in her family’s history she’s desperate to learn more. But the secrets in Cassie’s family aren’t all hidden in the past, and her research will soon lead her to a revelation much closer to home – and which will turn everything she knows on its head
My review

A fast paced and very well written book I have read all of Katherine books i love her writting style she just pulls you onto the plot from her first few words to the last page i was glued I loved how it moved from George’s story to Cassie’s story she got a way of doing the dual timelines with ease you do not get lost how she does it so effectively . I finished reading it in a day I could not put it down. I loved how the characters developed over time. Cassies was a normal girl just doing her work getting on with her life you grow to like her she become my friend George was my favourite characters I love him I really felt for him I was pull into his story it hooked me I need to carry on reading to find out what happened. The ending was just right the perfect ending . It was nice so see how the two plots became one story I can not recommend this book enough a lovely book your loved it it a lovely easy to read book

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Sir tom

Captain Tom
We’ve all heard of Captain Tom, but do we really know anything about him? In his autobiography, we get to she the very strong man behind the face on tv
his approach to life is something we could all benefit from sharing: ‘Our attitude to life shapes the people we become.’ he say
It so Refreshing, inspirational, humorous and entertaining it made my laugh in places i love his humour .It just what we need to keep us positive through this time
I love seeing him on the news how much he rise for the NHS one inspiration man i loved this book
It such a lovely insight to his life and are history i was hooked just a inspiration to use all
Anyone read it?

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Good morning all

This weekend i do penguin books they got some amazing authors on there books

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The cherry tree cafe by Heidi swain

This was the first book I read anyone read it
I loved this book so much it a must read book .What a lovely cover too it caught my eye straight away. I was glued from the first few lines to the last one .I was hooked by the brilliant plot it flowed so naturally and you will be just caught up in the story

The book is Heidi debut is so well written I loved the way she describes things I could picture the cafe in my mind i love the crafting area and wow the food is could see it all in my mind

I loved all the problems that keep popping up I liked that Lizzie family were always there to help All the characters were so warm I found them all so believable some made me laugh so much I loved the humour in the story to As most of you know I love most craft so I found this part of the book so interesting I want to go to the cafe to join in

I could relate to Lizzie doing them all i liked all the twists and turns in the story I felt the friendships we’re so strong I enjoy all the romance in the story to It makes you see money is not everything I enjoy the one lines they made me laugh

This story got it all family ,old flames, dreams,romance ,craft ,cakes and a lovely warm friendly cafe you want to visit again I felt this book was a fabulous introduction to the wonderful characters and cafe I hope they been more from them all i hope in more books soon

I can not praise this book enough to it just a lovely warm story set in the wonderful cherry Tree cafe A most read book 5 stars

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The cuckoos calling by Robert Galbraith

Thoroughly enjoyed the book. It had me gripped and I really believed the characters I was reading about. Early on in the book the phrase “long snouted…” was mentioned and I wondered if there were to be any further references to the magical world of Harry Potter. I not read the books but i read bits i only read the first one when it first came out having read ‘A Casual Vacancy’ and only one Harry potter I was impressed how Rowling has switched her writing style for each book that one very talented writer to do that she seem to add additional depth to each character i was grip by the plot I did enjoy it on tv
Anyone read or seen TV show
What do you think?

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Happy Potter and JK Rowling day today

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Who were the famous five

The five who can you remember the five ?
Julian is the oldest of the five, cousin to George and elder brother to Dick and Anne. He is tall, strong and intelligent as well as caring, responsible and kind. His cleverness and reliability are often noted by Aunt Fanny. He is the leader of the group and is very protective towards Anne and sometimes, to her frustration, towards George. Julian is the most mature of the group but, although well-meaning, his manner can at times come over as overbearing, pompous or priggish. At the start of the series, Julian is 12 years old. Over time, he reaches his goal of fully maturing into a young adult.
Dick has a cheeky sense of humour, but is also dependable and kind in nature. He is the same age as his cousin George, a year younger than his brother Julian and a year older than his sister Anne – eleven at the start of the series. Though inclined to tease his sister at times, Dick is, like Julian, very caring towards Anne and does his best to keep her cheered up when she gets upset. He had a heroic role in Five on a Treasure Island. He uses his wits and saves the five in many adventures but probably has the least clearly-drawn character of the four cousins.
Georgina is a tomboy, demanding that people call her “George”, and she cuts her hair very short and dresses like a boy. She is headstrong and courageous by nature and, like her father, scientist Quentin Kirrin, has a hot and fiery temper. Introduced to the other characters in the first book, she later attends a boarding school with Anne where the teachers too call her ‘George’. Blyton eventually revealed that the character was based on herself. It is notable that the chief protagonist of the Malory Towers stories also possessed a fiery temper as a defining character trait.[3]
George has a loyal dog named Timmy who would do anything for her. She often gets cross when anyone calls her by her real name or makes fun of Timmy, and she loves it when somebody calls her George or mistakes her for a boy. In Five Get into a Fix, old Mrs Jones mistakes her for a boy: even though Julian had said to her that she was a girl, she later forgets this. George sometimes takes this to the point of asking that her name be prefixed with Master instead of Miss. Various references have been made to what meaning should be read into this – for instance “I remember reading in my first Famous Five book about a girl called Master George. What a puzzle and thrill. She claims to never tell lies as that is cowardly.”[4]
More modern readers have interpreted that George had gender dysphoria, but Hugo Rifkind, writing in The Times, suggested that Blyton’s conservatism meant that was not likely to have been intended.[5]
Anne is the youngest in the group, and generally takes care of the domestic duties during the Five’s various camping holidays. As the youngest, she is more likely than the others to be frightened, and does not really enjoy the adventures as much as the others. She is ten years old in the first book of the series. She sometimes lets her tongue run away with her, but ultimately she is as brave and resourceful as the others. She likes doing the domestic things such as planning, organising and preparing meals, and keeping where they are staying clean and tidy, be it a cave, house, tent or caravan. In Smugger’s Top it is suggested she is claustrophobic, as she is frightened of enclosed spaces, which remind her of bad dreams. But the adventures invariably lead the five into tunnels, down wells, and into dungeons and other enclosed spaces, demonstrating how brave she really is.
Timmy is George’s faithful dog. He is a large, brown mongrel with a long tail. George adopted him after finding him abandoned on the moors as a puppy. He is very friendly; he is clever, affectionate and loyal to the children and to George in particular; he provides physical protection for them many times. Timmy’s presence is frequently given as the reason the children’s parents allow them to wander unsupervised. George adores Timmy and thinks that he is the best dog in the world, and often becomes furious when people insult or threaten him. In the first book of the series, George’s parents have forbidden her to keep Timmy, and she is forced to hide him with a fisher boy in the village. After the end of the Five’s first adventure, her parents relent and she is allowed to keep him in the house and also take him with her to boarding school.
It is a notable feature of the stories that Timmy’s thoughts and feelings are frequently described.
Who your favourite character?

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The famous five

The Famous Five is a series of children’s adventure novels written by English author Enid Blyton. The first book, Five on a Treasure Island, was published in 1942. The novels feature the adventures of a group of young children – Julian, Dick, Anne and Georgina (George) – and their dog Timmy.

The Famous Five i loved them watch on TV as well later on

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Child whispers by Enid Blyton her first book

Child Whispers

Blyton worked briefly as a teacher and governess, but by 1921 her stories and poems were appearing steadily in various magazines, and her first book of poems, Child Whispers, was published in 1922.7 Aug 2020

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Enid Blyton day

600 million copies sold
wow one amazing writer
I had lots of them or we got from the library my grandad took me on a Saturday are treat them chips on way home I still remember going now
I loved Noddy the mouse was my favourite characters not sure why lol
The famous five I loved as well

Enid Mary Blyton (11 August 1897 – 28 November 1968) was an English children’s writer whose books have been among the world’s best-sellers since the 1930s, selling more than 600 million copies.


Anyone read?

I fancy reading them I just seen on Facebook not my photo

Who read want did u think ?

Please can you tell your thoughts on then thank you all

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How many Christmas books can we read till Xmas?

Who like to join me I going to see who many Christmas books I can read now to 25 December

As I love Christmas books do you

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Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owens

Where the crawdads sing by Delia Owen
I love this book it was so amazing, firstly just because of how different it is to the normal books I read i was not sure what it was going to be like as people loved or hated it so it like marmite you love or hate I loved it
It is so interesting reading from it perspective of Kya, starting from when she is very young she was 6 years old and how she learns to survive on her own, and wow what a hard time she had her outlook on the world from living so isolated for so long. I felt for her she was so alone but she a few people how cared for her I like her beautiful descriptions of the land and the marsh, I could picture the marshes by kaya
describes it a if I could see them a wonderful story about nature, growing up, coming of age and survival. Ksy was a wonderful strong character she was so strong and intelligent I really felt for you a great book


The unquiet spirt

 new beginning. A house with a past. A man with secrets.

It was a dream come true…that turned into a nightmare.

Kate Wilson thinks moving back to Cornwall might be the answer to her prayers. But it isn’t long before she begins to have doubts. Is the house she inherited from her godmother haunted? Or is she going out of her mind? With a stalker, threats, and attempted break-ins, Kate’s troubles multiply.

Then there’s her enigmatic neighbour, the brooding Tom Carbis; a man with secrets he doesn’t wish to share. Can she trust him when he says he wants to help?

What can I say one scary read but very easy to read you will love the characters they good they become your friends I was pulled into the plot I love the setting I could picture it in my mind it will grip you I like the writting style I did not want the story to end a very good read you must read a good book

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Cover Image: Ransomed

Ransomedby M. A. HunterPub Date: 10 Sep 2020

Review by

Amanda B, Reviewer

Last updated on 9 Sep 2020

My Recommendation

Wow what a gripping read a really page turner loved all twists  and turns  great character I was hooked from the first page great plot did not want the story to end love it I recommend to you all a great read you will love it so well written
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Roald Dahl day


TODAY MY NIECE SOPHIE HELPED ME DO THIS POST (thank you sophie ) SHE 11 she did this 6 years again for me
Roald Dahl is one of the worlds most beloved children writes he was born in wales his parents were Norwegian He was educated in England .He work for shell oil in Africa and during war world2 he was a air force pilot
He was born on 13th of september 1916
He died on the 23th of November 1990
Charlie and the chocolate factory is one of his best know book it came out in 1964 and still one of the most read children book today i loved the film too
A BIT ABOUT THE BOOK (from amazon)
For the first time in a decade, Willy Wonka, the reclusive and eccentric chocolate maker, is opening his doors to the public–well, five members of the public, actually. The lucky five who find a Golden Ticket in their Wonka bars will receive a private tour of the factory, given by Mr Wonka himself. For young Charlie Bucket, this a dream come true. So when he finds a dollar bill in the street, he can’t help but buy two Wonka’s Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delights–even though his impoverished family could certainly use the extra dollar for food. But as Charlie unwraps the second chocolate bar, he sees the glimmer of gold just under the wrapper. The very next day, Charlie, along with his unworthy fellow winners Mike Teavee, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde and Augustus Gloop, steps through the factory gates to discover whether or not the rumours surrounding the Chocolate Factory and its mysterious owner are true. What they find is that the gossip can’t compare to the extraordinary truth, and for Charlie, life will never be the same again. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: another unforgettable masterpiece from the legendary Roald Dahl, never fails to delight, thrill and utterly captivate.
What did you like about Charlie ?
He was ok a kind boy very polite he loved his grandad so much he want to win
Who was your favourite character ?
The oompa loompas i liked them they were funny
Did you like the songs they sang ?
Yes they were funny
Did you like the factory ? Yes it was full of chocolate
Did you believe the story ?
No it would not happen would it (when sophie was young she did enjoy it she laugh at it )
Would you have liked a golden ticket ?
Yes so i got lots of chocolate
Tell me about
Mr willy worka -he was funny he owned the factory
Charlie – a good boy
Augustus – he ate all the chocolate all the time greedy he did not share
Veruca- she spoiled
Violet – eat gum all time
Mike – he loves tv
Do you still have all your roald Dahl book i remember you had them all ? Yes i do
What was your favourite book and why ?
The twits ( that came out in the1980th )
It so funny they are a family that play pranks on each other all the time
I like to thank Sophie for helping me with this post
As a kid i loved this book my mum use to read in me i still got it now

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